21 October 2008

Raymond Carver

The Attic
Her brain is an attic where things
were stored over the years.

From time to time her face appears
in the little windows near the top of the house.

The sad face of someone who has been locked up
and forgotten about.

Always Carver round my mind

pear landscape

And here's the bag I was supposed to finish yesterday. I did the trim thing and voila, nice pics with nice light. Crappy day was over yesterday.
I made some appliques on the straps not to have so much contrast with the lining and I think it turned up well, I like the final result.

And I still have 3 more orders to make, I got two of them today, so it really feels good. I've started trusting my sewing abilities and more complicated projects fill up my mind.
Trust, big word, trusting oneself, trusting others, trusting that one deserves good in life and that old crappy times will never turn up again. Trust and future

20 October 2008

a crappy day

Today is one of those days when you feel crap, the world is crap and anything you do seems crap. A crappy day.
I wanted to finish up a bag this afternoon to give it away tomorrow, but as I like taking pictures of them I decided to leave it for tomorrow, guess why? the light is crap today. It's cloudy and getting dark so after some goes I decided to leave it for tomorrow, when I should be back home a little earlier and I hope I won't be feeling crap and taking crap pictures.
I wonder if I will be able to cook a proper dinner instead of a crappy one...
Happy crappy day everyone!

19 October 2008

seaweed handbag

And here's one more. I'm focusing on bags lately and I still have a few more to make. It's good cause I get more practice and find new ways of solving some problems with the bags.
There are also other things I'd like to try, like skirts and things for my man. He likes the stuff I make and I like making thing for him, so I have to try another mad stitching t-shirt for him. I didn't get to take a picture of the one I made for him but the next one will be posted.
Did I mention I'm happy?

17 October 2008

my new rustic label, MR scraps

MR stands for something very important that has been happening to me for the last years, and which will be even more important from now on.

New pear shape bag in butterflies

This is an order I got at the office, my first order! I just love how it came out, the fabric is just beautiful. I hope that the person that will be wearing it loves it as much as I do.

12 October 2008

earrings from my personal jeweller

My man has started learning to make jewels and I could not be more delighted, I'm an earrings freak!
He made these lapiz lazuli earrings and the computer chip ones for me, and I love them. And like the brooches previously posted, I guess we will be selling his earring production soon :)

brooches for sale

I've spent the weekend making these brooches and hopefully I won't be keeping them for too long. I'll take them to the office tomorrow and I already have two possible buyers, so let's see...

Orders have started coming in lately, so I have to organise myself and start working on them. Xmas is just round the corner!