25 November 2008

applique t-shirt for my niece

My niece is certainly lucky to have me as her aunt. I'm always thinking of somthing I can make for her. This time it's another applique t-shirt I've made using one of the fabrics I bought in Chile. The fabric just asks to be used in many ways. Probably it would've been better on a green t-shirt, but anyway, she can get more t-shirts, at least until I have my own kids...

22 November 2008

chip earrings

New pair of earrings by the jeweller, Edgardo Cruz.

shoulder bag

This one is cute. I've got two more orders of this bag, same fabric, same everything. So I guess that makes this shoulder bag a best seller at the moment!

shoulder bag
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black and white handbag

Another one... I made a pocket for the mobile phone on this one.

Grey handbag

The fabric on this one is just beautiful. I made a flower using ric-rac which turned out really nice and an inside zipped pocket with some lace trimming. The person I made it for is wearing almost everyday to work, and it's great seeing it around :)

2 November 2008

new handbag

Here's another one. It's absolutely the same as the one I made for myself, but I've modified the detail slightly.

prototype of new bag

I made a sketch of this bag about a month ago while travelling to work in the tube. I wanted something round, roomy and easy to carry.
This first prototype is still missing the front pocket and I finally changed the shape of the top, making it straight. Now I know a couple of things I have to modify in the pattern and some clues about the process of sewing it.
I like experimenting with patterns, messing the whole thing up, leaving it aside for a week when it's not coming out as I want to and get back to it with a clear mind.

This was the sketch:

And the first prototype: