29 September 2008

collection of fabrics

I've posted most of the fabrics I have right now on my flickr site. Lots of scraps are missing...

20 September 2008

shopping in Chile

And Chile was great, it was great for the heart, great for the soul, and also great for some fabric and trims shopping.
Three amazing weeks during which there was time for relaxing, walking, laughing and taking very important decisions in life.

Some trims, I love the elephants one

3 September 2008

latest shopping

It's holidays time... but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about future projects. So, I was in Valparaíso and this is what I got. The fabrics and the trim need a wash.

Anyway, changing from summery hot Spain to freezing cold Chile it's tough, but there is a saying in Spanish that goes like this "sarna con gusto no pica". So, till next post...