28 August 2008

another pear-shape bag

And the new pear-shape bag goes to... Pame, my Chilean friend. This time I used some Ikea fabrics. It gave the bag quite a lot of body but that of course makes it harder to sew.
Anyway, fingers crossed and I hope she likes it.

17 August 2008

a very fructuous weekend

I've done many things this weekend. It was a holiday on Friday In Spain, so I had a bit more time to devote myself to some "orders" I had. My friend Marina had been asking for her bag for a very long time (she was jealous that everybody was getting something, especially my niece).
I was waiting to get some cool fabric for her, but on Thursday we went together to a fabric shop and she found some fat quarters she liked, so I gave her the chance to take advantage of the situation and fill in the order for an Amy Karol "charming bag". And here it is. I gave it to her yesterday and she loved it, and when people like the things you make for them... well, that's better than anything.

I made another bag yesterday, but that one is a surprise for my friend Pame in Chile, so it will remain scheduled to be posted in a couple of weeks, once she's got it. I'll be going all the to Chile to give it to her :)

14 August 2008

pink kimono

The final kimono wrap. I think my niece is going to be wearing lots of these...

12 August 2008

cutlery rolls

This is what I did this weekend, one for my brother and the other one for my niece, guess which one. I used Ikea fabrics for both, they're quite heavy and really suit this kind of project.

And today I was sewing the definite kimono for my niece. I will post a picture tomorrow. It looks gorgeous, and she will look cute with it.
Friday is a holiday in Spain, so I'll have a long weekend to make a couple of things more before I go on holidays. I really need a break from work and a real boost for my heart.

9 August 2008

feeling like sewing, needing to... and a cute illustration

Today I really feel like sewing. Well, I need to. There are two main reasons: my brain is asking me to, and I want to make a "couple" of things for friends and family before I go on holidays.
My "Things to do" list consists of: 1 handbag (I still haven't decided which model), a surprise something for my sweaty (which I'm not posting until he gets it cause it's meant to be a surprise), the definite kimono wrap for my niece (I'd like to get it done before my holidays), a pear-shape bag for my sister in law (she loved mine and urged me to make one for her) and two cutlery rolls, for my brother and niece. So, it's a long list to have ready before the 20th.
Rush, rush!
I don't want to leave this post only with my words, so I attach a picture of one of my favourite illustrators, Matías Trillo. Thanks to my job I get to see really nice stuff (I'm an editor for primary education textbooks) and Matías is one of the best. He's Argentinian and works hand in hand with his girl Lara Dombret. Well, enjoy!