21 December 2008

grocery bag

No more plastics bags!

knitting bag

I made a knitting bag for my mum a while ago. She asked me to make a long pocket for the needles and a small one for accesories. And now a friend asked for another one. I've used different scraps for the appliqués and the washing line looks cool. I have a thing for washing lines... I've made them in cross stitch, used them in my books for teaching clothes vocabulary and now it's on a bag.

16 December 2008

Xmas pins for my work collegues

27 in all, yes, you can count them up. And everybody liked them, so it was worth the effort. :)

the numbers bag

This one is a cute fabric. When I bought I thought of my my work collegues in the Maths section, these people are real numbers freaks...

25 November 2008

applique t-shirt for my niece

My niece is certainly lucky to have me as her aunt. I'm always thinking of somthing I can make for her. This time it's another applique t-shirt I've made using one of the fabrics I bought in Chile. The fabric just asks to be used in many ways. Probably it would've been better on a green t-shirt, but anyway, she can get more t-shirts, at least until I have my own kids...

22 November 2008

chip earrings

New pair of earrings by the jeweller, Edgardo Cruz.

shoulder bag

This one is cute. I've got two more orders of this bag, same fabric, same everything. So I guess that makes this shoulder bag a best seller at the moment!

shoulder bag
Originally uploaded by MR scraps

black and white handbag

Another one... I made a pocket for the mobile phone on this one.

Grey handbag

The fabric on this one is just beautiful. I made a flower using ric-rac which turned out really nice and an inside zipped pocket with some lace trimming. The person I made it for is wearing almost everyday to work, and it's great seeing it around :)

2 November 2008

new handbag

Here's another one. It's absolutely the same as the one I made for myself, but I've modified the detail slightly.

prototype of new bag

I made a sketch of this bag about a month ago while travelling to work in the tube. I wanted something round, roomy and easy to carry.
This first prototype is still missing the front pocket and I finally changed the shape of the top, making it straight. Now I know a couple of things I have to modify in the pattern and some clues about the process of sewing it.
I like experimenting with patterns, messing the whole thing up, leaving it aside for a week when it's not coming out as I want to and get back to it with a clear mind.

This was the sketch:

And the first prototype:

21 October 2008

Raymond Carver

The Attic
Her brain is an attic where things
were stored over the years.

From time to time her face appears
in the little windows near the top of the house.

The sad face of someone who has been locked up
and forgotten about.

Always Carver round my mind

pear landscape

And here's the bag I was supposed to finish yesterday. I did the trim thing and voila, nice pics with nice light. Crappy day was over yesterday.
I made some appliques on the straps not to have so much contrast with the lining and I think it turned up well, I like the final result.

And I still have 3 more orders to make, I got two of them today, so it really feels good. I've started trusting my sewing abilities and more complicated projects fill up my mind.
Trust, big word, trusting oneself, trusting others, trusting that one deserves good in life and that old crappy times will never turn up again. Trust and future

20 October 2008

a crappy day

Today is one of those days when you feel crap, the world is crap and anything you do seems crap. A crappy day.
I wanted to finish up a bag this afternoon to give it away tomorrow, but as I like taking pictures of them I decided to leave it for tomorrow, guess why? the light is crap today. It's cloudy and getting dark so after some goes I decided to leave it for tomorrow, when I should be back home a little earlier and I hope I won't be feeling crap and taking crap pictures.
I wonder if I will be able to cook a proper dinner instead of a crappy one...
Happy crappy day everyone!

19 October 2008

seaweed handbag

And here's one more. I'm focusing on bags lately and I still have a few more to make. It's good cause I get more practice and find new ways of solving some problems with the bags.
There are also other things I'd like to try, like skirts and things for my man. He likes the stuff I make and I like making thing for him, so I have to try another mad stitching t-shirt for him. I didn't get to take a picture of the one I made for him but the next one will be posted.
Did I mention I'm happy?

17 October 2008

my new rustic label, MR scraps

MR stands for something very important that has been happening to me for the last years, and which will be even more important from now on.

New pear shape bag in butterflies

This is an order I got at the office, my first order! I just love how it came out, the fabric is just beautiful. I hope that the person that will be wearing it loves it as much as I do.

12 October 2008

earrings from my personal jeweller

My man has started learning to make jewels and I could not be more delighted, I'm an earrings freak!
He made these lapiz lazuli earrings and the computer chip ones for me, and I love them. And like the brooches previously posted, I guess we will be selling his earring production soon :)

brooches for sale

I've spent the weekend making these brooches and hopefully I won't be keeping them for too long. I'll take them to the office tomorrow and I already have two possible buyers, so let's see...

Orders have started coming in lately, so I have to organise myself and start working on them. Xmas is just round the corner!

29 September 2008

collection of fabrics

I've posted most of the fabrics I have right now on my flickr site. Lots of scraps are missing...

20 September 2008

shopping in Chile

And Chile was great, it was great for the heart, great for the soul, and also great for some fabric and trims shopping.
Three amazing weeks during which there was time for relaxing, walking, laughing and taking very important decisions in life.

Some trims, I love the elephants one

3 September 2008

latest shopping

It's holidays time... but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about future projects. So, I was in Valparaíso and this is what I got. The fabrics and the trim need a wash.

Anyway, changing from summery hot Spain to freezing cold Chile it's tough, but there is a saying in Spanish that goes like this "sarna con gusto no pica". So, till next post...

28 August 2008

another pear-shape bag

And the new pear-shape bag goes to... Pame, my Chilean friend. This time I used some Ikea fabrics. It gave the bag quite a lot of body but that of course makes it harder to sew.
Anyway, fingers crossed and I hope she likes it.

17 August 2008

a very fructuous weekend

I've done many things this weekend. It was a holiday on Friday In Spain, so I had a bit more time to devote myself to some "orders" I had. My friend Marina had been asking for her bag for a very long time (she was jealous that everybody was getting something, especially my niece).
I was waiting to get some cool fabric for her, but on Thursday we went together to a fabric shop and she found some fat quarters she liked, so I gave her the chance to take advantage of the situation and fill in the order for an Amy Karol "charming bag". And here it is. I gave it to her yesterday and she loved it, and when people like the things you make for them... well, that's better than anything.

I made another bag yesterday, but that one is a surprise for my friend Pame in Chile, so it will remain scheduled to be posted in a couple of weeks, once she's got it. I'll be going all the to Chile to give it to her :)

14 August 2008

pink kimono

The final kimono wrap. I think my niece is going to be wearing lots of these...

12 August 2008

cutlery rolls

This is what I did this weekend, one for my brother and the other one for my niece, guess which one. I used Ikea fabrics for both, they're quite heavy and really suit this kind of project.

And today I was sewing the definite kimono for my niece. I will post a picture tomorrow. It looks gorgeous, and she will look cute with it.
Friday is a holiday in Spain, so I'll have a long weekend to make a couple of things more before I go on holidays. I really need a break from work and a real boost for my heart.

9 August 2008

feeling like sewing, needing to... and a cute illustration

Today I really feel like sewing. Well, I need to. There are two main reasons: my brain is asking me to, and I want to make a "couple" of things for friends and family before I go on holidays.
My "Things to do" list consists of: 1 handbag (I still haven't decided which model), a surprise something for my sweaty (which I'm not posting until he gets it cause it's meant to be a surprise), the definite kimono wrap for my niece (I'd like to get it done before my holidays), a pear-shape bag for my sister in law (she loved mine and urged me to make one for her) and two cutlery rolls, for my brother and niece. So, it's a long list to have ready before the 20th.
Rush, rush!
I don't want to leave this post only with my words, so I attach a picture of one of my favourite illustrators, Matías Trillo. Thanks to my job I get to see really nice stuff (I'm an editor for primary education textbooks) and Matías is one of the best. He's Argentinian and works hand in hand with his girl Lara Dombret. Well, enjoy!