9 August 2008

feeling like sewing, needing to... and a cute illustration

Today I really feel like sewing. Well, I need to. There are two main reasons: my brain is asking me to, and I want to make a "couple" of things for friends and family before I go on holidays.
My "Things to do" list consists of: 1 handbag (I still haven't decided which model), a surprise something for my sweaty (which I'm not posting until he gets it cause it's meant to be a surprise), the definite kimono wrap for my niece (I'd like to get it done before my holidays), a pear-shape bag for my sister in law (she loved mine and urged me to make one for her) and two cutlery rolls, for my brother and niece. So, it's a long list to have ready before the 20th.
Rush, rush!
I don't want to leave this post only with my words, so I attach a picture of one of my favourite illustrators, Matías Trillo. Thanks to my job I get to see really nice stuff (I'm an editor for primary education textbooks) and Matías is one of the best. He's Argentinian and works hand in hand with his girl Lara Dombret. Well, enjoy!

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Leslie said...

No matter how stressful it all is, it's always worth it! I really like the stuff I've seen on your blog.

I started out with all this crafty business in much the same way. Last christmas I just decided to crochet gifts for everyone instead of buying them. And the rest is history! I've started sewing clothes and book binding. It's all so much fun!

Keep on sewing and creating.

- Leslie