21 December 2008

grocery bag

No more plastics bags!

knitting bag

I made a knitting bag for my mum a while ago. She asked me to make a long pocket for the needles and a small one for accesories. And now a friend asked for another one. I've used different scraps for the appliqu├ęs and the washing line looks cool. I have a thing for washing lines... I've made them in cross stitch, used them in my books for teaching clothes vocabulary and now it's on a bag.

16 December 2008

Xmas pins for my work collegues

27 in all, yes, you can count them up. And everybody liked them, so it was worth the effort. :)

the numbers bag

This one is a cute fabric. When I bought I thought of my my work collegues in the Maths section, these people are real numbers freaks...