31 July 2008

kimono wrap

The heat in Madrid is melting my brain. When I get home back from work at 4 I get into a catatonic state.
I've been trying to get this kimono wrap done for my niece for days, but working on it for 1 hour a day does not help. But I managed to finish it today. As it's my first piece of clothing ever I was really terrified, so I decided to make a model first on some canvas and try it on her before doing the final nice version on a cute fabric. Even so I think this one looks quite cute. I had to do some mad stitching on it as well... that's me, always worried about little details. So, I'll try it on her this weekend. Fingers crossed!

20 July 2008

Handbag finished!

This one took a little bit longer. I worked on the pattern during the week making some samples, first on the bottom trying different options, and I finally went for the simple one. Then I worked out the width of the pleat that could work better for the length of the bag, so on Thursday I bought some nice lining for it and started working on it yesterday. It's so hot in Madrid that I could only work early in the morning. So I did all the cutting and pleats yesterday and this morning I've finished all the assembling. I bought the main fabric some months ago on my last trip to Ikea (I can handle the Ikea shopping experience every two months, it stresses me). It's actually a cushion cover, Hedda Blom, but I just fell in love with it and I knew I could make something out of it whenever my sewing improved.
The handbag it's roomy, perfect for work. Even a set of proofs could fit.
I thought of putting a zipper, but at the end I couldn't be bothered. And... it's reversible!

P.S. 1. Thanks Beth at Sew Mama Sew for posting the bag :)
P.S. 2. And thanks Ikea Hacker for posting it as well :)

17 July 2008

working on a new pattern

I'm trying to figure out a pattern these days. I saw this bag on the web that I liked and thought I could try and get it done. So now I'm on a trial-failure experiment using some canvas. It's actually fun to start experimenting with how the mathematics of a bag work. I almost have the pattern ready and the outside fabric for it, so today I'll look for some nice upholstery lining to make the bag on the weekend.
Fingers crossed!

13 July 2008

today's project, bamboo purse

This is the Bamboo purse from The long thread (thanks Ellen for you quick response). I had this project in mind for a while. I bought the handles the other day and decided to make it for a work mate who is having a hard time. I had bought the fabric to make a kimono shirt for my niece, but there was plenty of it. So Sunday it's like a perfect day to spend sewing. I had fun. I love making little details to these thing, like the brooch I've attached. Those things always make a project more special. I'll give it to this girl tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

projects update 1

Here comes a full update of all the projects I've worked on until now. I should have done it in different posts, but...

These are some luggage tags I made this week for some friends that were going on holidays.

Two grocery bags with appliques.

Summer slippers out of recycled slippers soles and upholstery fabric.

I made this t-shirt for my niece. She's year old now. I'm dying to see her with the t-shirt on. She's my little sweetie.

Brooch and bag for the brroch. It was a present so it had to be wrapped properly.

projects update 2

An oilcloth lunchbag, a present for a friend.

This is Evo the scotty dog I got him a place to live and sent him to a colleague's desk, Eva, as a birthday present.

Messenger bag out of Ikea fabrics.

I made this one using Amy Karol's charming bag pattern, with some personal modifications. I used Heather Bailey's fabric for the outside and some uphosltery fabric for the lining. I'm using it all the time, I love it.

I made this bag for my mum, she decided she could take advante of her daughter's sewingmania, and asked for a bag for her knitting projects. The fabric I used on the appliqué comes from a dress I had when I was a child, so that was also touching.

This the lunchbag and picnic roll I take to work. Ikea fabrics.

I made this at Xmas for some work colleagues.

5 July 2008

In the forest, by Edna O'Brien

I read in the tube every day. I get about two hours reading that way, so in a week and a half I can read a 400 page novel easily. But then, not all novels are the same. Some flow easily, they entertain and make the journey fun, making you smile while sleepy faces around you fight the morning. But other novels get you stuck, they demand a slower reading. A three page chapter can make you close the book, and demand to let the paragraphs settle in your mind, think about what you've read, digest the rawness. That's happening to me with In the forest.

3 July 2008

my sewing machine

Allá por marzo me compré finalmente la máquina de coser. Edgardo había insistido hasta la saciedad que debía comprarme una, y le hice caso, y tenía razón resultó ser una buena decisión.
Opté por la vía segura y me compré algo sencillito y barato, por si acaso la cosa no se me daba bien y amortiguar así el arrepentimiento. Empecé cosiendo una carerita para los billetes del metro (uso dos billetes distintos a diario y es un coñazo andar sacándolos del monedero). Eché mano del instinto y la cosa salió bien (sigo usándolo a diario). Tengo que sacarle una foto.
Después me lancé a hacer una especie de funda para libros (la lectura diaria en el metro los acaba machacando) y también salió bastante bien... Y así decidí que era el momento de hacer algo un poco más complicado, y así salió el recogehilos, este ya a partir de una tutorial.

So around March this year I finally bought a sewing machine. Edgardo had kept insisting I had to get one (he believes in my creative side) and after looking around, checking websites and prices I decided to get a compact size one, with just the essential to get started. It wasn't too dear, so if by any chance my sewing skills did not exist, well, I wouldn't feel that bad. Anyway, Bender was there with me supervising everything.
One of the first things I did was that thread catcher. I found the tutorial online, and actually it came out nicely.

2 July 2008

así empezó todo

It all started a year ago before my first niece was born. Previous to that I used to cross stitch, but I had never dared to go any further.
And a few months before Irede was born I suddenly decided one day I wanted to make a rag doll for her, just like that. I made a rag doll back in primary school, but I didn't even get close to the sewing machine. I must have been 8 or 9 years old. That doll is still at my parents cellar.
So, I bought the fabrics and asked my friend Marina if I could use her sewing machine (if she could sew), and after doing some web research, I arranged everything with her to meet one day at her place and start sewing, well, I just looked as she followed my pattern.

Y de aquí en adelante me embalé. Ya le había bordado una capa de baño, y le siguió una bolsa para los pañales, la cual me descubrió en misterioso mundo de cómo coser para que cuando le des la vuelta todo esté en el sentido en que tiene que estar...

Y la niña tenía ya antes de nacer todas estas cosas
El cerdito llevaba sus cascabeles por dentro. A la bolsa de los pañales le cosi una tira de panamá en la que bordé a punto de cruz y la capa de baño también a punto de cruz.

El cerdito lo repetí para Edgardo, mamacerdo se alegró mucho.
Y después de esto llegaron más cosas, pero no antes de que llegase el instrumento principal,
la maquina...