20 July 2008

Handbag finished!

This one took a little bit longer. I worked on the pattern during the week making some samples, first on the bottom trying different options, and I finally went for the simple one. Then I worked out the width of the pleat that could work better for the length of the bag, so on Thursday I bought some nice lining for it and started working on it yesterday. It's so hot in Madrid that I could only work early in the morning. So I did all the cutting and pleats yesterday and this morning I've finished all the assembling. I bought the main fabric some months ago on my last trip to Ikea (I can handle the Ikea shopping experience every two months, it stresses me). It's actually a cushion cover, Hedda Blom, but I just fell in love with it and I knew I could make something out of it whenever my sewing improved.
The handbag it's roomy, perfect for work. Even a set of proofs could fit.
I thought of putting a zipper, but at the end I couldn't be bothered. And... it's reversible!

P.S. 1. Thanks Beth at Sew Mama Sew for posting the bag :)
P.S. 2. And thanks Ikea Hacker for posting it as well :)


Concha said...

I love it! Great shape!

Lara T. said...

I love that fabric! Beautiful!


Heidi said...

Very lovely pear bag. You did an excellent job!

texasgaltech said...

It's beautiful. I'm a bag freak! Did I miss the tut, pattern or instructions? I'm just starting my craft blog: http://craftcrazyoldcootsandcrones.blogspot.com/

Cova Zubia said...

I haven't written down any tutorial yet, but it's fairly easy to make. I have to make another one for my sister in law so I'll try to take step by step notes and post them.