13 July 2008

projects update 2

An oilcloth lunchbag, a present for a friend.

This is Evo the scotty dog I got him a place to live and sent him to a colleague's desk, Eva, as a birthday present.

Messenger bag out of Ikea fabrics.

I made this one using Amy Karol's charming bag pattern, with some personal modifications. I used Heather Bailey's fabric for the outside and some uphosltery fabric for the lining. I'm using it all the time, I love it.

I made this bag for my mum, she decided she could take advante of her daughter's sewingmania, and asked for a bag for her knitting projects. The fabric I used on the appliqué comes from a dress I had when I was a child, so that was also touching.

This the lunchbag and picnic roll I take to work. Ikea fabrics.

I made this at Xmas for some work colleagues.

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Tximino said...

mi bolso es el mejor de todas las creaciones