31 July 2008

kimono wrap

The heat in Madrid is melting my brain. When I get home back from work at 4 I get into a catatonic state.
I've been trying to get this kimono wrap done for my niece for days, but working on it for 1 hour a day does not help. But I managed to finish it today. As it's my first piece of clothing ever I was really terrified, so I decided to make a model first on some canvas and try it on her before doing the final nice version on a cute fabric. Even so I think this one looks quite cute. I had to do some mad stitching on it as well... that's me, always worried about little details. So, I'll try it on her this weekend. Fingers crossed!


Jane said...

Its cute. Good work! You are a nice aunty, I hope she liked it.

Cova Zubia said...

Well, she's one year old and couldn't really express in words how delighted she was with it, but I could see it in her eyes ;)
This weekend I should be doing the official version.