17 August 2008

a very fructuous weekend

I've done many things this weekend. It was a holiday on Friday In Spain, so I had a bit more time to devote myself to some "orders" I had. My friend Marina had been asking for her bag for a very long time (she was jealous that everybody was getting something, especially my niece).
I was waiting to get some cool fabric for her, but on Thursday we went together to a fabric shop and she found some fat quarters she liked, so I gave her the chance to take advantage of the situation and fill in the order for an Amy Karol "charming bag". And here it is. I gave it to her yesterday and she loved it, and when people like the things you make for them... well, that's better than anything.

I made another bag yesterday, but that one is a surprise for my friend Pame in Chile, so it will remain scheduled to be posted in a couple of weeks, once she's got it. I'll be going all the to Chile to give it to her :)

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Nina Lauder said...

Hey Cova
LOVE the stuff you make :) What an artist! Have a wonderful trip to Chile :) besos, nina