12 August 2008

cutlery rolls

This is what I did this weekend, one for my brother and the other one for my niece, guess which one. I used Ikea fabrics for both, they're quite heavy and really suit this kind of project.

And today I was sewing the definite kimono for my niece. I will post a picture tomorrow. It looks gorgeous, and she will look cute with it.
Friday is a holiday in Spain, so I'll have a long weekend to make a couple of things more before I go on holidays. I really need a break from work and a real boost for my heart.


Lunar Earth Mama said...

Those are beautiful! You did a great job! I really need to get back to sewing. I put your blog in my blog list so I can be inspired!

Teresa said...

I love those! I have done the crayon rolls, but what a great idea to make cuttlery rolls! Thanks for the good idea!