9 January 2009

A cold day

It's cold today and it's been snowing in Madrid, something not too frequent. And it's still snowing. As someone very bright from the city council said to justify the chaos in the city "It's winter, and it snows in winter". The person who said that is Aznar's wife, a very bright and friendly to Bush president we had over here, so what else can you expect. It has to be couple thing.
And it feels too cold to sew. I'm dying to make something for myself but the cosyness of the sofa and my nice blanket stops me.
It's always that when I'm at work, editing a manuscript or proofreading, that I start thinking that I wish I was home to sew something. Always the wrong timing.
So I'm sitting here on my own in this freezing cold flat and I wish I could be playing with my niece, chatting to my boyfriend or walking down Kastanienallee in Berlin on a quiet spring morning.

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erica said...

I hope things warm up for you very soon!